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"Hidden Matter succeeds in the best possible way that even in the precision of imitation always remains a gap to otherness - to make this fact tangible. But even more: Scott tells stories with the dancers in which human feelings are negotiated, between man and woman, between women, between men.


And it is always about a struggle - about alignment, about finding together and re- unifying, about independence. These are topics that deal with which the two artists Scott and Jhooti hit a nerve of the time."

- Review from bZ Basel Newspaper

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photos by Rubén Darío Bañol Herrera


"In the grazing light, lively formations move - to a rhythmic sound carpet - as if carved in stone. Performed is on the
first floor of the main building of the Kunstmuseum Basel: Living, breathing bodies can be viewed, which allow intimacy through proximity with their poses and gestures.
Immediately in front of the audience, six bodies move synchronously, asynchronously, finding synchronicity again in smooth precision. You witness a high physical performance and even hear the fabric of the performance of the performers' clothing grinding on the stone floor. Sometimes you feel caught by the gaze of a dancer.
The bodies tirelessly seek expression and find it with suitable constellations that are based on the visual arts. The proximity between dancers and spectators is the program here: In art museums it is possible to approach pictures and sculptures. Dance performances, on the other hand, usually take place on one stage in European culture, at a safe distance from the audience. This is different with "Hidden Matter, a dance evening through hidden realities." ... (continue to next slide)


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